Every family benefits from School Choice.  Families all over Indiana may choose to send their children to the type of school which meets their child's needs. They can choose the location and size of the school, the experiences offered by the school, and even if the school offers Biblical instruction and Christ-centered experiences for their children.*  Some families can pay for the whole cost for their child’s education.  Some can’t.   School Choice legislation gives these families options, by using our tax dollars to support the educational experience of our children in the setting of our choice.

Next Tuesday, January 27, is the Fort Wayne area School Choice Rally from ~4-4:45 PM at IPFW’s International Ballroom. Area non-public schools are joining together to hear speakers, listen to testimonies, and show support for School Choice in Indiana which is our nation’s fastest-growing, most strongly supported choice program.  LSUS was asked to participate as the “attention-getter” at this event!  A group of students will perform from 3:57 as the “warm-up” for this event.  Please pray for this group of students, volunteer to drive them, and show up to show support for them.  Only about 15 students will fit the stage area for this, but all are welcome to be part of the crowd during this rather brief event. 

All families are asked to come to this rally.  We need to get 451 people into a space that holds 450! Join the fun and reach out to support School Choice…OUR CHOICE!


It is School Choice Week!  Any students who attend the Rally on January 27 will be given a CHOICE of what they would like:

1.  1 free dress code certificate

2.  1 day to eat lunch with principal or teacher

3.  1 cup of free hot chocolate

4.  1 day of being first in line for lunch

5.  1 day of their class having extra recess time


...bringing it all back to the Choice theme. 

Welcome to the 2015 AR Challenge!

January 26 - March 6

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